This didactic session on the management of adult sarcoma will provide a comprehensive overview of adult sarcoma diagnoses and updates in molecular genetic profiling, prognostic factors, treatments and outcomes.

Many practices are experiencing increasing numbers of cases for which irradiation of previously treated areas is required. This requires careful consideration of a range of radiobiological, dose discounts for prior treatments, clinical practice flow, documentation and treatment planning issues.

This session will review the current oncogenesis, prevention, detection, workup and initial therapeutic approach to women with cervical cancer.

This session reviews current evidence based guidelines as well as the basis for guidelines pertaining to the treatment of esophageal and gastric cancer. Worldwide changes in epidemiology will be discussed. Current treatment strategies will be reviewed and compared.

This session discusses optimal evaluation and treatment of patients with HPV-positive oropharynx cancer. In January 2018, AJCC 8 became the new staging system, with major differences for HPV-positive oropharynx cancers; the new staging, and its implications, will be discussed.

This educational session provides a comprehensive review of the safety, toxicity, and efficacy of currently available commercial immunotherapies combined with radiation therapy.

This session is a case-based education session with an expert panel encouraging audience participation.

As part of the ASTRO Refresher Course, this session will focus on new data and a treatment paradigm for patients with central nervous system tumors. Gliomas, brain metastases and common benign tumors will be covered.

This session will review the current standard treatment paradigm for all stages of lung cancer, with a special focus on radiation therapy, including the latest recommendations on stereotactic radiation therapy.  The session will also review the evolving treatment of metastatic lung cancer, especi

This session will update oncologists about the contemporary management of lymphoma and will address the following:


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