Q&A Session for Lung and Central Nervous System with Russell Hales, MD, and Christina Tsien, MD.

The session will review the current clinical management of the most common malignant and benign adult CNS tumors. This review will be followed by an overview of the current clinical practice in the treatment of brain metastases.

Major decreases in cancer mortality have been driven by improvements in the management of lung cancer. The explanation for these survival improvements is complex but largely driven by the increasing use of systemic therapies in early stage disease such as immunotherapy.

Q&A Session for Gastrointestinal and Pediatrics with Theodore Hong, MD, Emma Holiday, MD, and Julie Bradley, MD.

This course reviews the treatment guidelines for children with the most common benign and malignant tumors of childhood, with a focus on radiotherapy. Indications for radiotherapy are discussed, in addition to radiotherapy planning guidelines.

Upper GI
The management of upper GI cancers remains complex, multidisciplinary, and rapidly changing. In this session, we will review the current data from randomized trials that have affected standard of care in upper GI cancers.

This course is designed to provide clinicians in practice and trainees with a comprehensive review and update of the clinical practice parameters across most sub-disciplines of radiation oncology, including sarcomas, pediatrics and the role of radiotherapy in the multidisciplinary management of c

This session will review the latest science in the field of head and neck cancer.

Patients treated for head and neck cancers have a high rate of loco-regional recurrence and metastases. The current standards of care are largely based on institutional data or small multi-institutional retrospective collaborative series.

This session will review the current approaches to managing salivary cancers and the systemic treatment for recurrent or metastatic salivary cancers.


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