Improving systemic therapies for metastatic disease have led to an increasing incidence of brain metastasis for patients with solid malignancies.

Adolescents and young adults are a growing population of patients with cancer who face unique developmental and logistical challenges in receiving oncologic care.

The session will go through the published guidelines providing examples and detailed explanations.  This hands-on course will  teach the audience how to handle treatment plans in their daily practices including examples of how to best use technology to comply with the guidelines.  It will illustr

Panel moderators will provide a clinical overview with cases to frame the session.

The speakers are experts in prostate imaging and will:

The definition of the clinical target volume (CTV) is becoming the weakest link in the radiotherapy chain. In this session we will first review some of the challenges of the standard CTV definition process (the "art").

Large-scale genomics studies are transforming our understanding of tumor biology; however, despite a dramatic increase in available data, translating genomic findings to clinical practice remains a significant challenge.

This didactic session on the management of adult sarcoma will provide a comprehensive overview of adult sarcoma diagnoses and updates in molecular genetic profiling, prognostic factors, treatments and outcomes.

Many practices are experiencing increasing numbers of cases for which irradiation of previously treated areas is required. This requires careful consideration of a range of radiobiological, dose discounts for prior treatments, clinical practice flow, documentation and treatment planning issues.

This session will review the current oncogenesis, prevention, detection, workup and initial therapeutic approach to women with cervical cancer.

This session reviews current evidence based guidelines as well as the basis for guidelines pertaining to the treatment of esophageal and gastric cancer. Worldwide changes in epidemiology will be discussed. Current treatment strategies will be reviewed and compared.


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