This second session of the ASTRO 2023 Presidential Symposium provides an introduction to the issues surrounding underrepresented patient participation in clinical trials/research.

Patients diagnosed with head and neck cancers undergo treatments which include various combinations of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. These treatments result in short and long-terms side effects and complications that could be life altering for these patients.

This session reviews head and neck cancers from a patient perspective.

The gaps in practice include the proper integration of new data with existing trials and practices in viral-driven head and neck cancers.

This case-based panel will outline the multidisciplinary approach to patients with salivary cancer.  Perspective will be provided by experts in the field on topics such as extent of primary tumor surgery and management of cervical lymphatics, as well as indications for adjuvant radiation therapy

There is a great need for improvement in outcomes for HPV negative HNSCC patients. There are ongoing efforts to better understand the biology of HPV negative HNSCC, and reported and ongoing therapeutic clinical trials to try to improve outcomes in this patient population.

The treatment of early and advanced thyroid cancer is rapidly changing due to developments in targeted drug therapy and new surgical and minimally invasive approaches.  This session will familiarize the learner with the new targeted agents and their appropriate place in the treatment algorithms. 

This session will review the latest science in the field of head and neck cancer.

There are many ongoing advances in neoadjuvant immunotherapy in curative-intent head and neck cancer, yet optimal incorporation and biomarkers remain undefined.


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