We will review new data and standard of care for each disease state of prostate cancer. We will review low risk disease, intermediate risk, high risk, locally advanced, node positive, oligometastatic, post-operative and recurrent prostate cancer.

Q&A Session for Breast and Lymphoma with Mylin Torres, MD, and Bradford Hoppe, MD, MPH.

This presentation will help inform listeners about the multidisciplinary care of patients with lymphoma, the use of contemporary treatment fields (e.g., INRT, ISRT), appropriate use of technology (i.e., IMRT, VMAT, deep inspiration breath hold, proton beam therapy), new targeted therapies, immuno

Breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies treated by radiation oncologists. Indications for radiation in patients with breast cancer are increasingly dependent on advances in surgery and systemic treatments and improved understanding of tumor biology.

Q&A Session for Gynecologic and Radiobiology with Lara Hathout, MD, FRCPC, Mitchell Kamrava, MD, and Phuoc Tran, MD.

In this course, we provide an overview of biomarker definitions and potential use in the management of cancer patients.

Endometrial Cancer

Q&A Session for Lung and Central Nervous System with Russell Hales, MD, and Christina Tsien, MD.

The session will review the current clinical management of the most common malignant and benign adult CNS tumors. This review will be followed by an overview of the current clinical practice in the treatment of brain metastases.

Major decreases in cancer mortality have been driven by improvements in the management of lung cancer. The explanation for these survival improvements is complex but largely driven by the increasing use of systemic therapies in early stage disease such as immunotherapy.


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