This session reviews head and neck cancers from a patient perspective.

This session will review three cases highlighting challenging situations which arise in the management of patients that are elderly/frail: the role of surgery in these patients, deciding on which radiosensitizer to use (if any) in elderly/frail patients undergoing definitive RT, and lastly frail

This keynote will examine the disparities in the treatment of head and neck cancer.

Complications of head and cancer therapy are common in survivors and continue indefinitely and dental and oral , swallowing, depression and nutritional complications increase overtime following therapy.  As complications can occur years following therapy, it is important that head and neck practi

This session reviews head and neck cancers from a patient perspective.

The 2022 Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancers Symposium features interactive and case-based educational sessions that cover new multidisciplinary therapies, imaging, immunotherapy, treatment guidelines, supportive care and under disparities in head and neck cancer.

2021 Annual Meeting

ASTRO 2021 has been uniquely designed to ensure that attendees from around the globe continue to access timely scientific and educational content.

Q&A Session for Molecular Radiogenomics and Gastrointestinal with Dr. Abazeed, Dr. Hong and Dr. Holiday.

Upper GI


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