This presentation will cover established and emerging roles of ctDNA as a precision medicine tool to guide radiotherapy.

This session will provide a global overview of breast radiotherapy indications, approaches and techniques, informed by the latest clinical trials and relevant research.

It is difficult to know when to strongly advocate for radiation therapy in many GI malignancies.

This session will include an introduction covering common head and neck cancer subtypes. Basics of head and neck anatomy will be reviewed. Subsequently, we will transition to a case-based approach that will demonstrate target volume design for common head and neck tumor types.

There are many ongoing advances in head and neck cancer in the context of radiation therapy delivery, clinical research on treatment options and advanced techniques in radiotherapy delivery. Failure to stay informed leads to lower quality of care by practicing clinicians.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly transforming the field of radiation therapy and offers exciting new tools including auto-contouring and patient-specific quality assurance.

This session will review diagnosis, staging, and treatment of uterine and cervical cancers, including surgery, systemic therapy, and radiation therapy. Focusing on radiation therapy, we will go through specific indications for radiation therapy.

The treatment approaches for lung cancer are rapidly evolving, and include integration of new systemic therapies (e.g. immunotherapy and targeted therapies) into combined modality approaches for non-metastatic disease and ablative radiation therapy approaches for oligo-metastatic disease.

This second session of the ASTRO 2023 Presidential Symposium provides an introduction to the issues surrounding underrepresented patient participation in clinical trials/research.

Patients diagnosed with head and neck cancers undergo treatments which include various combinations of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. These treatments result in short and long-terms side effects and complications that could be life altering for these patients.


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