Accurate contouring of both tumors and critical avoidance structures improves tumor control and side effect profile. IGRT, SRS, and other techniques that minimize margin and take advantage of sharp dose fall-off, are unforgiving of inaccuracies in target and critical structure definition.

Knowledge of radiotherapy target volume delineation is crucial for accurate and effective delivery of radiotherapy for tumors of pancreatic and anorectal tumors. IMRT is being increasingly employed.

The increased conformality of planning techniques such as IMRT and VMAT make thoughtful, careful identification of anatomy and delineation of targets critical for good outcomes.

This course will involve the collaboration of three radiation oncologists with expertise in spine and lung SBRT.

The purpose of this eContouring course is to expand knowledge of breast and regional lymph node anatomy for radiation contouring and treatment planning, focusing on 3 clinical scenarios: partial breast radiation, whole breast radiation, and post-mastectomy radiation with comprehensive nodal cover

This course will provide education about defining clinical target volumes and their precise delineation in common clinical circumstances.

To access the Live event - Click on take course and then navigate past the homework to the Join the Webinar link.

This webinar recording covers contouring for Anal Cancer. During this webinar, Dr. Salma Jabbour will lead attendees through the key components of contouring a selected anal cancer case

This webinar was sponsored by the ROI Juan A. del Regato Fund.

This webinar will discuss contouring for Prostate Cancer cases. During this webinar, Drs. Stanley Liauw and Dan Hamstra  will lead attendees through the key components of contouring. 

Registrants will have access to the cases and recording for one year post live event.

This webinar will discuss contouring for Spine SBRT and CNS cancer cases. During this webinar, Drs. Simon Lo and Kristin Redmond  will lead attendees through the key components of contouring.  Please join us on Tuesday, February 26, 2018 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


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