New Virtual Meeting Features

The ASTRO Virtual Meetings have a new look!  The new platform features:

-Bookmarking and note-taking

-Enhanced player with the ability to speed up or slow down playback speed

-Create favorites and playlists

Learn about the new features here.


eContouring Webinar

Register now for the eContouring for Spine SBRT and CNS Cancers Webinar. On February 26th at 11am Eastern Time, Dr. Simon Lo and Dr. Kristin Redmond will present cases related to contouring for SBRT Spine CNS Cases. Participants will have access to 4 cases to get hands on experience in contouring for these cases. Members receive a discount, while residents can register for free.


February Online Course Discount

Do you still need SA-CME credits for the upcoming ABR lookback?

From February 14th to 28th, members can receive a 10% discount on the courses below.

Gastrointestinal Cancer - Best of ASTRO 2017

 Recommendations for MRI-based contouring of gross tumor volume and organs at risk for radiotherapy of pancreatic cancer


Pending Activities

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Please login or create an account to view your activities.

New eContouring Case Library

Access the New eContouring Case Library:

  • Interactive cases with patient vignettes and contouring homework
  • Reference videos
  • Earn CME and PQI
  • Review performance metrics