Q&A Session for Lung and Sarcomas with Dt. Hales and Dr. Bedi.

Soft tissue sarcomas are rare and involve a well-integrated multimodality approach to optimize outcomes and decrease morbidity.  It has been shown in the literature that sarcomas should be managed with interaction among experts in surgery, radiation and medical oncology, radiology and pathology e

The management of non-small cell lung cancer has undergone major transformation in the last three years driven by the increasing using of immunotherapy as well as local ablative therapies in advanced stage disease.  Translation of these practices into community based setting is important as overa

Q&A Session for Breast, CNS and Genitourinary with Dr. White, Dr. Weiss and Dr. Tendulkar.

This session will review new data and standard of care for each disease state of prostate cancer.  We will review low risk disease, intermediate risk, high risk, locally advanced, node positive, oligometastatic, post-operative, and recurrent prostate cancer, as well as data in bladder and testicu

This refresher course lecture on adult central nervous system tumors will provide a framework for understanding the classification of brain tumors including molecular diagnostics for gliomas.

This educational activity will focus on the radiation therapy treatment scenarios commonly faced in breast cancer practice; i.e.,  breast radiation for early stage disease undergoing breast conservation and regional nodal irradiation for node positive breast cancer.  Breast radiation following lu

Q&A Session for Pediatrics, Flash Physics and Gynecologic with Julie Bradley, MD, Peter Maxim, PhD and Kevin Albuquerque, MD.

Gynecological radiation oncology is a specialized part of radiation oncology due to the need for Brachytherapy and chemotherapy integration. Failure to stay informed leads to lower quality of care by practicing clinicians.

Ultra-high dose rate irradiation or “FLASH RT” has recently gained attention because of the surprising observation of markedly increased therapeutic index compared to conventional dose rate irradiation in preclinical studies of in vivo animal models.


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