This session introduces a brief greeting and overview by the Vice Chair of Best of ASTRO, Dr. Sue Evans from Yale University School of Medicine.

The 2020 Best of ASTRO meeting provided a review of the most relevant, highly-rated abstracts from the 2020 Annual Meeting that highlight recent technological advances and illustrate the importance of the clinical and non-clinical skills needed to provide patients with the full benefit of radiati

This refresher course lecture on adult central nervous system tumors will provide a framework for understanding the classification of brain tumors including newer molecular diagnostics for gliomas.

Q&A Session for Gastrointestinal with Dr. Nguyen, Dr. Kirsch, and Dr. Albuquerque

This session will review the recent literature on radiation for upper and lower GI cancers. Specific cancers that will be addressed are esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, and biliary tract cancer. Trials that utilize radiotherapy will be discussed.

It is imperative that the radiation oncology professional remain current in the state-of-the-art techniques.

Gynecological radiation oncology is a specialized part of radiation oncology due to the need for Brachytherapy and chemotherapy integration. Failure to stay informed leads to lower quality of care by practicing clinicians.

There are at least 50 histologic sub-types of soft tissue sarcoma.

There is a large volume of new data continuously being released about the optimal management of prostate cancer.

Q&A Session for Gastrointestinal with Dr. El Naqa, Dr. Kavanaugh, Dr. Hall, and Dr. Lee



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